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Alternative Markets In And Around The City

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We all love browsing markets. They have great food and lovely hand-crafted items. We could spend hours browsing through these stalls. But, after a while, markets can get a bit boring. With the same thing at a different place. So we decided to spice things up a bit with some of Joburg's most interesting alternative markets. markets

Alternatribe Strange Sundays

This market is relatively new on the scene, but it has already gained quite a following. It is also for people who love all things tattoo. We know what you're thinking. "Who wants to get a tattoo at a place called 'Rusty Hook'?". Well, we do. The best thing about this market is the live entertainment. No, we're not talking about the random singer and their acoustic guitar hanging around the seating area like at so many other markets. We're talking about some of the best music South Africa has to offer in the form of great rock bands such as the likes of Jasper Dan, who opened for none other than British metal band Iron Maiden. Besides the great music and tattoos, you can also get all your goth, steampunk, punk and metal merchandise here.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Alt. Market

This market occurs on the second Saturday of every month and is located in Centurion. If you don't mind the drive, it makes for an amazing day out. Most of the stalls here are the same ones found in the artist section of rAge every year. So, if you are looking for those handmade prints, personalised mugs, handcrafted jewellery, fan merch and all the other weird and wonderful things in the alternative world, then this is the place to be. If you're not already sold, this market also hosts Love-a-bull Auctions and Fundraisers, for charity - raising much needed funds for their lovable fur babies.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Sylvia's Market

Sylvia's has many markets from Sundays at Sylvia's to Winter Wonderland markets. It's all here. They also have a great mishmash of people and stalls. These include all the regular food and craft stalls you'll find at any other market. But, they also have a wide range of alternative items from the very same stalls available at events like Geekfest, rAge and Comic Con. You can find all your favourite paraphernalia and maybe even discover a few new items of interest.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.



Pins and Needles

This market is in affiliation with Ting's Tattoos in Randburg. It is a tattoo-based market incorporating all the things we love about tattoos and the tattoo ethos. One of their stalls is Steamed Rabbit, the artistic company belonging to artist and tattooist at Ting's, Dee. Dee has a range of mugs, notebooks, tattoos, of course, and even prints, all with her own designs and pieces. There are also a wide range of other awesome stalls with the likes of The Fairy Factoree, Ayame Designs and Kulcha Kollektive; the leaders in alternative market stalls. This market has no set times, rather it just pops up every now and then so keep a wary eye on their events on Facebook.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Medieval Fayre

Not quite a market, this fayre occurs a few times a year in various forms. The event has everything a medieval zealot could dream of, from battles and weapon forging, to archery and quests for the damsel in distress. They host all the market stalls that patrons would need to take them back to the dark ages. Whether it is a market, fayre, event or something else, one thing is definitely true - it most certainly caters to the alternative crowd.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Other Events To Check Out

Some other events to attend for the best in alternative market stalls are:
Comic Con
Geek Fest


Joburg Shopping Festival


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