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Alternative De-stressors

Alternative De-stressors

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Are you feeling a little stressed? Want to take some timeout but life's demands won't allow you to? Well, try some of these alternative de-stressors and watch your mood lift. image

Adult Col0uring Books

Unknown to most, adult colouring books have become quite a big hit these days. Not because of some great marketing strategy but because of the calming effect colouring has on the mind. You give your mind a chance to focus on one thing, which is colouring, and the more immersed you are in it, the more all the other clutter from your mind disappears. Give it a go!

Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and yoga have also been aligned to de-stressing among other benefits. So whether you opt to engage in yoga or meditation in a group, at a centre or by yourself, it's definitely worth a try! Life is too short to let stress get in the way of enjoying it so stretch your muscles or dive into yourself to find your inner calm.

DIY Pampering

You are probably thinking massage right? Well, you're wrong. There are ways to self pamper without relying on anyone. For instance, run a hot bath and add some lavender oil to it. Not only will this alleviate your stress but the lavender also helps if you have trouble sleeping – of course don't fall asleep in the bathtub, just soak for 10-20 minutes, relax and enjoy.

Knitting or Sewing

Knitting or sewing not only helps your mind relax through the method of single tasking and concentrating but you get your creative juices flowing because once all the materials needed are laid out, not everyone knows what to do with them instantly. But here's a start, knit yourself a scarf or simply sew the buttons back on your shirts.

Arts & Crafts

In the spirit of getting your creative juices flowing while decreasing your stress levels, try engaging in other arts and crafts. This is a fun way to create some cool DIY art pieces, ornaments and useful tools for your living space, bedroom or bathroom. You can also turn this into a fun bonding activity for you and your family. Keep it light and get rid of the stress.


The outdoors is always a great alternative de-stressor. Whether you're just laying in the sun, having a swim or gardening. Yes, gardening is a great de-stressor in that it, again, uses the advantage of single tasking to quieten the mind. And being out in nature generally helps to get more oxygen to your brain and alleviate stress triggers.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other alternative de-stressors not mentioned above? Let us know below!


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