Alpha True Craft Breaks The Mould And Mixes Things Up

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As the craft beer and cider phenomenon continues to take hold around the world, a new local player, Alpha True Craft, is looking to mix things up.

Introducing Alpha True Craft

The craft beer and cider category is currently defined by high price per unit, a collection of unknown varieties and complex flavour profiles – it’s just too difficult for most people to get into it. What Alpha has managed to do is make beers and ciders in the strict craft tradition, but priced on par with premium export products. They've just launched an easy drinking Lager and a Golden Ale, perfect for craft beginners.

Alpha True Craft

Take Your Pick From Their New And Refreshing Ciders

People just don’t know that most of the "premium" products in this category are made using apple concentrate – there’s nothing premium about that! With Alpha cider, you will enjoy the real taste of apples. Using only locally sourced and fresh pressed apples in their ciders, Alpha True Craft have launched with a Dry Cider and a Ginger Cider – there’s just nothing else like it. The response to the ginger cider has been great, which is why Alpha True Craft have supported it with a dramatic and energetic new outdoor and online video campaign. The campaign is a simple yet bold idea, keeping with the brand's ambition of always striving to "break the mould"; the three 20-second videos are non-linear, graphic and really fresh – just like the product.

Alpha True Craft

Where Can These Ciders Be Found?

Alpha Craft Beer and Ciders are available nationwide. Ask at your local liquor store for details.

For More Information

For more details about Alpha True Craft, you can visit or call their head office on 087 230 0106.

Alpha True Craft

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