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All-Day Breakfast Spots In Joburg

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I went on the search for some all-day breakfast spots in Joburg, so you don’t have to wake up so early in the morning to ensure you are on time for breakfast! Breakfast


Catz Pajamas

I remember this place from back in my studying days at UJ. This was a great place to hang out after that early morning or late afternoon class. They're a bistro, now located in Randburg, and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all day, every day! Try out their three egg open style omelette!!

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News Café

This was another favourite among me and my friends while we were at university. This is an ideal place to hang out with friends for a cocktail or two and also for a breakfast that you can have any time of the day! They have a great selection of breakfasts to choose from, like the aptly named Hangover Eggs – toasted ciabatta, two fried eggs and streaky bacon with baked beans and their chilli sauce topped with feta. It was the perfect cure after a long night of partying!

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Doppio Zero

I have always been a fan of Doppio Zero, especially for their freshly baked croissants (the croissant topped with scrambled eggs, bacon and balsamic grilled tomato for breakfast is my favourite)! They have a great selection of breakfasts for you to choose from any time of the day. The next time I visit, I definitely want to try out the Barbarossa Breakfast – hash potatoes, chorizo, home-baked beans, baby spinach, chilli, tomato salsa, poached eggs and crumbled feta served with ciabatta toast.

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Making some of the best breakfasts in town, why not make a stop at Tasha’s at Melrose Arch and indulge in a delicious brekkie any time of the day? There is a great breakfast menu to choose from and a nice selection of vegetarian options available too. Jett & Luke’s Mini Breakfast Rolls makes my mouth water! Two baby burger rolls with fried eggs, cheddar, streaky bacon, rocket, grilled onion and innova potatoes!

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Mugg & Bean

Everyone has been to a Mugg & Bean at least once before. With their giant muffins, amazing frappés (Vanilla Freeze, yes please!) - and let’s not forget their all-day yummy breakfasts, this is the perfect spot to take the family for a late breakfast. My usual has always been the South African Farm Breakfast – two fried eggs, grilled tomato, boerewors topped with tomato salsa, hashbrown and macon served with a slice of toast.

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Europa (Sandton City) 

With a great selection of egg breakfasts, croissants and all-around healthy choices, there is definitely something for everyone at Europa. The branch in Sandton City is one of the spots I visit the most when I am out doing my shopping and need a well-deserved break! Their breakfasts are served all day, and make sure you take a look at their deli!

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Wimpy brings back a lot of childhood memories when it comes to their breakfasts. As a child, every year on the way down to the coast for our annual family holiday, this was always our halfway stop. I have always loved their Hashbrown Splashdown breakfast – two eggs, two bacon rashers and a hashbrown. But the Wrap-it-Up breakfast wrap is my new favourite! Filled with scrambled egg, bacon, cheese, grilled onion and Wimpy relish!

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