Africa Weeks For The Animals

Animals are meant to be celebrated and this event is just the one to attend. The annual celebration is spotlighting animals, advocates, humane orgs and NGO’s, sanctuaries, youth and community leaders across the continent. 

Africa Weeks For The Animals

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What Is It?

Events will include conservation awareness actions, educational days, adoption fairs, spay/neuter awareness events, shelter/sanctuary help days, clinics, activities for the farm animals and education geared toward helping the hurting and those most in need. So, make sure you join in to be informed about all things animals. Also to be included are animal meeting events, educational programs, veggie events, and fun-filled festivals for families to come and enjoy food, music and the animals. The other events that are part of this event are as follows:

  • Total Eclipse & Sky Watch (1 Brodigan Avenue, 1501 Benoni, Johannesburg)
  • Total Eclipse Lunar Festival Come meet GREENPEACE (Festival 1 Brodigan Street, 1501 Benoni, Johannesburg)
  • Love A Bull SA (Plot 100 Schuverberg Hartebeestpoort, North-West)
  • The Game Rangers’ Association of Africa World Ranger Day (Greenside)

When Is It?

Saturday, 28 July 2018 – Sunday, 12 August 2018. 

Where Is It?

There are various locations for which you can celebrate this event. Click here to see where all these events are taking place.

How Much Is It?

Click here for more information.

For More Information

Visit this website for more information on this event and all the other events taking place.

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