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Adventure Boot Camp for Women

Adventure Boot Camp for Women

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Adventure Boot Camp was established in 2005 and is an outdoors exercise programme exclusive for women.

Its mission: To provide women of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life with a safe and secure environment in which to train, and to inspire and motivate them to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle through exercise.

The Benefits
Unlike most fad diets and exercise programmes, the expected results from attending Adventure Boot Camp are practical and achievable:

- 3% to 5% reduction in body fat;
- 2kg to 6kg weight loss;
- 3cm to 9cm decrease in your midsection;
- energy lasting throughout the day;
- improved posture;
- better relaxation;
- 25% endurance improvement;
- 25% strength increase;
- 100% gain in self-confidence.

Women who attend Adventure Boot Camp report all of the above results, as well as dramatically decreasing cholesterol levels, decreased risks of lifestyle-related illness and an overall improvement in physical and mental health.

What makes Adventure Boot Camp great?
- Trainers are hand-picked to ensure continued excellence and high standards.
- The camps are outdoors and women train in an environment that is non-threatening, sociable and welcoming.
- Each “camp” runs for four weeks and members can choose between a 3-day-week or 5-day-week programme. This means you are not locked into membership contracts that last for years.
- Returning members enjoy significant discounts.
- The programme is very popular among women whose cultural / religious background calls for women-only gatherings.
- A personal trainer costs around R200 per hour. Intensive training and individual attention at Adventure Boot Camp costs approximately R40 per hour.

Why Women Love Adventure Boot Camp
Many of the women who attend Adventure Boot Camp do not enjoy a traditional gym routine, while others use Adventure Boot Camp to complement their existing training programmes.

By attending Adventure Boot Camp, women benefit from the instruction of qualified trainers in a fun and social yet motivated environment. No two classes are the same and trainers provide varied and exciting exercises and circuits to keep campers motivated and avoid the monotony that one so often finds in the gym environment. Areas of the body that women need to work on the most also form the focus of the exercises.

As a result, women start to see exercise as fun and fulfilling and something to look forward to, while getting great results. It is therefore no surprise that Adventure Boot Camp’s retention rate is extremely high, with some ladies having done virtually every camp in the last three years since inauguration.

Partners and Sponsors
Adventure Boot Camp enjoys the support of a number of first-rate sponsors, including Shape Magazine, Puma, Bokomo, Vital and Powerade; and director Huenu Solsona is a Western Cape ambassador for the Go Red For Women Campaign (with Adventure Boot Camp as its official fitness and exercise partner).

Visit the Adventure Boot Camp website and register online or call them for more information. (Details alongside)


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