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ACDP leader tested for COVID days after Ramaphosa meeting

ACDP leader tested for COVID days after Ramaphosa meeting

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Kenneth Meshoe attended a religious gathering this month. The ACDP leader was exposed to five tourists with coronavirus ahead of his meeting with Ramaphosa.

It’s an issue that could have a severe knock-on effect: The leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) Kenneth Meshoe has revealed that he attended a religious gathering earlier this month – where five tourists who contracted coronavirus also turned up.

ACDP: Leader to take coronavirus test, MP self-isolating

The visitors from Texas have all returned home for further treatment. But they attended a Christian rally alongside controversial pastor Angus Buchanan and another ACPD MP, Steve Swart. The party have confirmed that their representative is showing COVID-19 symptoms, and has isolated himself at home.

Our Steve Swart .MP confirms he has been in a period of self-isolation following mild flu-like symptons, and will, if necessary, undergo testing for the COVID-19. For now, he has been advised by the health authorities to remain in self-isolation for another seven days.

— ACDP South Africa (@A_C_D_P) March 22, 2020

Kenneth Meshoe set for coronavirus test

Meanwhile, Meshoe is a little more bullish. He’s confident that he has not shown “a single symptom” associated with the coronavirus, but he did confirm earlier on Sunday that he would still get tested:

“It’s true. After the gathering, I left and came back home. I don’t have anything like the infection. I am going to get tested for coronavirus today, even though I don’t have a single symptom. I’m healthy, I’m well and I’m going to get myself tested later.”

ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe

Could this hit other political leaders

This news comes just days after Meshoe had met Cyril Ramaphosa – and 12 other political leaders whose parties are represented in Parliament – to discuss the best ways of tackling coronavirus. However, the communal meeting which saw South Africa’s elected officials put their differences aside to work together could also have exposed the president and his colleagues to the deadly disease.

Meshoe and the ACDP are optimistic that he’s exhibiting no symptoms, even though a period of isolation awaits the party leader. Both John Steenhuisen and Pieter Groenewald – the respective leaders of the DA and FF Plus – will also get themselves tested following their cross-Parliamentary meeting.

The ACDP gained almost 150 000 votes at the last election, and South Africa’s sixth-most popular political party has four MPs in the National Assembly – two of who are Meshoe and Swart.

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