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A Nestlé & Krispy Kreme Match Made In Heaven!

A Nestlé & Krispy Kreme Match Made In Heaven!

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It's simple really. Nestlé and Krispy Kreme are just sweeter together. If we had to pick one or the other, we simply wouldn't know which one to pick! Which is why these two brands have joined forces to bring chocolate and doughnut fans the Krispy Kreme Filled Rings Edition of decadent doughnuts that you're going to love a-choco-lot!

Do you love your Nestlé choccies? But also have a craving for Krispy Kreme's fluffy, light, and moreish rings of doughnut deliciousness? Then you'll be super happy to hear that these two sweet delights have been combined into a range of decadent treats you most certainly do not want to miss out on! You can find these Krispy Kreme newbies in store, at participating mini locations and via delivery from the Mr D Food and Uber Eats app. Get these sweet and scrumptious doughnut editions while stocks last. Ts and Cs apply.

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Bar One Filled Ring Doughnut

If you're craving notes of caramel and chocolate, then we know just the thing to satisfy! The mouthwatering Bar-One Filled Ring is an absolute must when you're in the mood to indulge a little bit! This doughnut is an unglazed doughy ring, filled with caramel filling, hand-dipped in Bar-One icing, drizzled with a decadent caramel spread, then topped with a mini Bar-One chocolate.

Click here for more dietary information about this doughnut.

Milky Bar Filled Ring Doughnut

White chocolate lovers, the dreamy 'n creamy Milky Bar Filled Ring Doughnut is calling your name! This is a decadent must if you're craving something sweet, creamy and absolutely delightful! This doughnut is made with an unglazed ring, filled with Milky Bar Kreme, hand-dipped in white chocolate, drizzled with Milky Bar sauce, and then topped with Milky Bar shavings. It's a dessert made in heaven.

Click here for more dietary information about this doughnut.

Tex Filled Ring Doughnut

Do you like a bit of crunch with your chocolate? Then look no further, the Tex Filled RingDoughnut has got you covered! This crunchy doughnut is crafted with an original glazed ring, filled with Tex chocolate Kreme, hand-dipped in milk chocolate, and then topped with crushed Tex chocolate. So good!

Click here for more dietary information about this doughnut.

Don't Forget The Choc & Caramel De Leche Flavoured Kremey Rolo Chiller!

Looking for the chocolaty chiller of your dreams? Then look no further than this incredible treat! Get your hands on the undeniably, devilishly delicious Chocolate and Caramel De Leche flavoured Kremey Rolo Chiller (only available in store). This will complement the Nestlé Krispy Kreme doughnut range perfectly!

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