7 Days In Entebbe Will Be Heading To Cinemas This April

If you’re in the mood for a hijacking thriller that’ll have you on the very edge of your seat, eyes glued to the screen wondering what’s going to happen next, then you don’t want to miss 7 Days in Entebbe, hitting the big screen on 06 April 2018 at a cinema near you. 

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What’s It About?

When four hijackers takeover an Air France jet en route from Tel Aviv to Paris on June 27, 1976, the 248 passengers abroad are unaware of the harrowing ordeal that awaits them. Forced at gunpoint to relinquish their passports, the terrified hostages comply with their captors’ demands, while discretely attempting to hide their identities.

Two of the hijackers are Palestinian members of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – External Operations, while the other two, Wilfried Bose (Daniel Bruhl) and Brigitte Kuhlmann (Rosamund Pike), are leftist German radicals sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

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Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (Lior Ashkenazi)  receives word of the hijacking during a tense meeting about the country’s skyrocketing military budget. Quickly dismissing his cabinet, he and Defense Minister Shimon Peres (Eddie Marsan) debate what Israel’s response should be. Peres urges Rabin not to negotiate with the hijackers who are demanding $5 million dollars and the release of more than 50 pro-Palestinian militants imprisoned around the globe and instead suggests a covert military solution.

The hijacked plane is diverted to Entebbe Airport in Uganda, where it is met by the country’s notorious dictator, Idi Amin (Nonso Anozie). Held captive in an abandoned transit hall under the watchful eye of additional armed hijackers, the passengers are eventually divided by nationality with Israelis put into a separate room.

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Under mounting pressure from the victims’ families, and with the threat of mass bloodshed should the hijackers’ demands go unmet, Rabin authorises a daring rescue mission. Dubbed “Operation Thunderbolt”, the audacious plan requires split-second timing, the element of surprise, and cooperation from a neighbouring country. As the deadline looms and tension rises, an elite squadron of Israeli commandos race towards Entebbe in a daring and unprecedented attempt to free the hostages before it’s too late.


7 Days in Entebbe stars Rosamund Pike, Daniel Bruhl, Lior Ashkenazi, Eddie Marsan, Nonso Anozie and is directed by Jose Padilha.

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See the movie from 6 April 2018 at select Ster-Kinekor, Nu Metro and Movies@ Cinemas.

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