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7 Best Baby Shower Gifts

7 Best Baby Shower Gifts

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So you’re invited to a baby shower and you’re not so sure what to get as a gift? Getting a baby shower gift is never easy, there are always so many things to consider. Boy or a girl? Would she like it? Is it useful? To make things a bit simpler for you, we’ve put together a list of useful baby shower gifts to help the mom-to-be get ready for parenthood.

Baby shower gift 2

Parental Books
Getting a baby book for new mom is a great way to start. Which new mom wouldn’t want to know everything about their newborns? This is a great starting point for expectant parents to know about caring for their baby. Furthermore, it’s useful for both mom and dad.

Backup Baby Bag

An emergency nappy is pretty much always essential. We all know how busy new mommies can be! So get her backup baby bag for those busy (and forgetful!) days to come. She'll thank you later.

Nappies and Wipes

A mom-to-be can never have too many nappies and baby wipes lying around. We all know that there are always extra expenses when a baby is born, so why not lighten the load on mommy’s hands with extra nappies? This is the perfect way to ease off the stress and it’s also a gift that's guaranteed to be used.

Baby Shower Gift

Baby Carrier

You cannot go wrong with the classic baby carrier. This is every new mom’s dream, so why not club together with a friend or two and get a fantastic carrier? It’s light, easy, convenient and comfortable for babies, moms and dads too.

Nursery Storage

While mom is running around trying to ensure that everything is in order (in-between finding the perfect nursery decorations and still trying to take things easy), surprise her with cute nursery. The nursery storage may come in handy for those appliances she forgets to get.

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Professional Baby Photography Session

This has to be one of the best gifts ever. Which new mom would not want a professional baby photography session to capture the best and special moments of her little one? Just make sure you tell her about it – so she’s all dressed up too!

Pamper Her

Now that she’s a new mommy, she spends most of her time looking after her newborn and not much time looking after herself! Give her some time out and surprise her with a spa treatment for that one afternoon that she manages to get off. A bottle of wine or a box of tea, some fancy chocolates, or something pretty for her hair or skin that reminds her that she's more than a nappy-changing machine.


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