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5 Days of Dessert Oats: Low Calorie & High Protein Breakfasts

5 Days of Dessert Oats: Low Calorie & High Protein Breakfasts

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Dessert or oats for breakfast? Why not both? Try out these five delicious oats recipes from The Lean Girl – Angelique Daubermann – and have the best week ever!

This is a challenge you'd be silly not to accept!

I challenge you to have dessert (oats) for brekkie every day for the next 5 days and watch as your happiness increases exponentially and your skinny jeans feel a little looser! It's basically science and you girls know I am all about the FACTS.

I am bringing you my 5 most banging LEAN GIRL dessert oats recipes which are low cal, high protein (obvs) and best eaten alone – so you don't have to share with any selfish sweet toothed stalkers that live in your house and rob you of your precious food. AKA – your family.

I feel like having dessert for breakfast without getting chubbs is something we've all prayed for at some point. Amen. The lord hath answered!

Here is what your week of breakfast meals look like, incase you were not excited yet:

Monday: Peach Cobbler & Custard
Tuesday: Churro Baked Oats
Wednesday: Carrot Cake Oats (Tweaked with Cream Cheese Icing)
Thursday: Lemon Meringue (Why can I never spell meringue without help)
Friday: Molten Lava Chocolate Baked Oats

Do you have to wait until Monday? Of course not! Go ahead, girl! No time like the present! And nothing wrong with having these on repeat forever more!

I cannot wait for you to try every one and then REPORT back on which is your very favourite!

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