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5 Clever And Creative Wedding Cake Alternatives

5 Clever And Creative Wedding Cake Alternatives

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Some of us say tomato, others say tomato. Some of us absolutely adore cake, while others ... not so much! So what to do if you're planning a wedding but you're not into cake? There are tons of clever, cool, and creative wedding cake alternatives to opt for. Here are just some of them.

Looking for wedding cake alternatives? We've got five fun and different ways to let them (not) eat cake!

1. A doughnut or cookie tower

How's this for a wedding cake alternative? Choose your favourite sweet treat and stack it on a tiered stand like this one. It could be doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes, macaroons or even fruit. Are Oreas you and your partners favourite snack? Make an Oreo tower. Or are you more into gums and candies? That'll work, too. This is YOUR day - so have a wedding 'cake' that's uniquely you!

For some amazing confectionary creations (that aren't cake!), try Sweetly Detailed, Cupcake Boutique or Fournos.


2. Cheese

For the many of us who aren't into sweet treats at all, a cake made of cheese could be an awesome alternative. You can stack different sized wheels on top of each other like this one, and then provide plenty of baguettes and crackers to pair it with. Check out the Flavourex Cheese Factory.

3. Shots

Shots, shots, shot! Except they've never looked this good. To keep your wedding party jiving, why not consider a tier of your favourite shooter?

4. Ice cream!

Having a summer wedding? What better way to cool down your guests than with some delicious ice cream? When it comes to wedding cake alternatives, this one is seriously cool. There are plenty of creative ways to serve it - from a classic ice cream cake to ice cream cones in a stand. Get a quote from Chateau Gateaux.

5. No cake

And you final wedding cake alternative? No cake at all! That's right - no cake! A wedding cake might be a tradition, but that doesn't mean you HAVE to have one. Wedding cakes can be terribly expensive, and if a cake is not your taste, then why have it? A better option would be to spend that money on something else in the wedding that's more important to you. Your wedding is about celebrating in you own unique way, after all.

Loved these wedding cake alternatives? We've got plenty more wedding content you'll love. From venues to dress shops, bachelorette party ideas to tux hire - we've got it all in our Wedding Guide.


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