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5 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

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Capping this list at only 5 Netflix bangers is already a challenge because there are so many great shows to choose from. Out of the many series currently showing on the platform, we’ve handpicked 5 that we think you’ll love, and there’s something to be said and unpacked about all of them. 

Netflix really has bingeworthy TV down to an art. Here's our list of top shows to watch:

Inventing Anna

We are kicking off our list with an absolute hit - Inventing Anna. This series is inspired by a true crime story published in the New York Magazine a few years prior, and includes details of actual events “except for the parts that are completely made up”. The series begins when a journalist learns about Anna’s case and decides to launch an investigation for a possible story.

The show's protagonist, Anna Delvey, is a Russian born, German heiress who leaves behind her middle-class family in pursuit of a luxurious life in New York. To fund her aspired lifestyle she swindles many people including trusted financial institutions and some of the smartest business people in NYC. However, her dreams of becoming exceedingly rich, famous and powerful through the Anna Delvey Foundation comes tumbling down when people become suspicious about her true identity and source of wealth.


We can’t possibly write about binge-worthy Netflix shows and not add YOU to the list. This US TV drama is based on an actual book, and it tells the story of a precariously lovable, yet obsessive man named Joe Goldberg. Joe commits various violent crimes and does many other morally contradicting things to be in the lives of the people he is fixated by. 

He is mostly obsessed with women, and every relationship he finds himself in is clouded by something negative. Being in a relationship with Joe is in many ways unsustainable due to his killer tendencies and unpredictable actions. But, this doesn’t stop him from pursuing love, and most women never realize what they’ve gotten themselves into until it’s too late. 

Stranger Things on Netflix

Stranger Things is an incredibly intriguing show which connects ordinary life as we know it, with an alternate supernatural world. The story (though not the series itself) begins in 1969 in a laboratory in Hawkins where a string of experiments are being conducted to test the possibility of creating superhumans. Real people were used to conduct the experiment and among them was a pregnant woman who (at the time) didn’t know she was expecting. Due to the hallucinogenic drugs used during the experiments, the baby she gave birth to inherently possessed superpowers.

In exploring the extent of her superhuman abilities she discovers a different world controlled by a faceless monster. The monster and the alternate world is later dubbed “The Demogorgon” and “The Upside Down”. The series then begins when a middle-aged boy from Hawkins is taken by the Demogorgon into the other dimension. This is followed by a string of other strange, sad, terrifying and heartfelt events.

Squid Game

The writers and producers of Squid Game deserve every bit of recognition for coming up with a show as creative as this. The South Korean series is centred around select people who are invited by an unidentified organisation to participate in children’s games. All those who are scouted and taken to a secret location where the games happen have one thing in common – debt. They are told that if they successfully conquer the set games they’ll win millions that will not only pay off their debt but sustain their families for generations to come. The plot drastically thickens when both participants and viewers realize that the inevitable consequence of losing any given game or group challenge is death.

Bridgerton on Netflix

Bridgerton is not your typical Netflix series. This story is set in London’s high society where dress codes, cultural values, societal norms and overall way of living is different to what we’re accustomed to today.

At the heart of the show is the Bridgerton family which is made up of 8 close siblings. Season 1 follows the family’s eldest daughter, Daphne Bridgerton, as she enters a highly competitive marriage market on a quest to find true love. Now, Daphne is a striking beauty, but it’s her love interest, Simon Basset, played by Regé-Jean Page that turns heads.

Written by Robin Kelmovitz.


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