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4 Reasons To Make The Pilgrimage Of Camino de Santiago

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The Camino de Santiago or The Way of St. James is a Christian pilgrimage and fantastic walking holiday. The original pilgrimage was over 760 kilometres and encompassed most of Northwest Spain. It finishes in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Galicia at the tomb of St. James.

Today there are several Camino de Santiago routes to consider, so you don’t have to walk for a month to reach the end. So with this in mind, let’s take a look at why you should walk the pilgrimage, and or have the walking holiday of a lifetime.

Camino de Santiago Routes

Given the nature of modern life taking a month out to walk the original route is impractical, although plenty still do it. Instead, you can choose from a choice of Camino de Santiago routes that suit both your time restraints and budget.

This includes:

  • Camino de Santiago from Sarria– This is a hugely popular version of the walk and at 100 kilometres it is the minimum distance required to receive the “Compostela” certificate. Along the way, you will see natural beauty and wonder in a route that captures the essence of the walk.
  • Camino de Santiago from Baiona– This is the last stage of the Portuguese way and beginning your journey in this wonderful coastal town is fantastic. Baiona is a beautiful fishing village located in the Rías Baixas region of Portugal. Treats like the Montreal Castle and the elegant promenade await you before you start heading for Santiago.
  • Camino de Santiago from St Jean Pied de Port– This is a highly popular route that begins from the French city of St Jean Pied de Port. The route takes you across the Pyrenees where eventually you’ll reach the bullfighting city of Pamplona.

Given the mountainous nature of the route, it is considered one of the most difficult, but given the nature of the spectacular views, it is arguably one of the best routes you can walk.

Fall In Love With The Land

As you walk your chosen route you will see sites that few tourists do. From Roman amphitheatres to medieval villages and towns, you will marvel at the unspoiled beauty and soak up the history and feel of the different places you see.

Well Served By Tour Operators

The Camino de Santiago is well served by tour operators with the best ones arranging your accommodation so all you have to do is arrive. They will have plenty of route options which is also a great help in the grand scheme of things.

Meet Others Walking The Pilgrimage

With every kilometre you walk, you’ll meet others also embarking on this epic trip. Sharing stories with like minded people is a great way to make friends and it makes the whole walk more enjoyable.

The Camino de Santiago is an epic journey and one that brings both spiritual enlightenment and a sense of belonging. Make sure you make your pilgrimage when you can. It is worth every step and you’ll get a great feeling of achievement when you reach the tomb of St James in Santiago.


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