Interesting Benefits Of Natural Sugar

Sugar gets a bad rap in the health and wellness industry, but did you know that there’s a very big difference between refined and unrefined (or natural) sugar? Here are a few reasons why natural sugar is actually pretty good for you.


It Keeps Your Energy Levels High

Unrefined sugars retain the nutritional value of healthy salts and minerals that help keep your blood sugar levels stabilised. You know how after you indulge in a big slice of chocolate cake, your energy levels just crash? That doesn’t happen with natural sugar – instead, its natural ingredients give you the energy you need to sail through the day!

It Contains No Chemicals Or Additives

Unlike refined sugar, natural sugar isn’t dyed, sweetened or preserved, meaning it contains no preservatives or additives. And an added bonus? It’s not bleached or put through and irradiation process, which can further increase the harmful substances in refined sugar.

Some Types Can Actually Improve Your Health

Unrefined sugars that are made with dark brown muscovado have a high molasses content, and molasses has been shown to promote weight loss by blocking calorie absorption, reduce iron deficiency in women during menstrual cycles, and boost men’s sexual performance and reproductive health.

It Can Help Treat Lung And Throat Infections

In India, ayurvedic practitioners argue that unrefined sugar can naturally and effectively treat lung and throat infections without resorting to the potentially dangerous chemicals found in many medicines. How interesting!

It Packs A Great Flavour Punch

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it’s not advisable to eat more than six teaspoons of sugar a day. With natural sugar, the intense flavour means you can use less and still feel satisfied. In fact, professional chefs all over the world swear by its rich taste!

What is your favourite alternative to refined sugar?

by Candice May

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