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22 Reasons Why Camping In Mordor at Oppikoppi Rocks

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"Let's face it, Mr. Frodo, we're lost. I don't think Gandalf meant for us to come this way." Need convincing why camping in Oppikoppi's Mordor is beautiful?   the unsea

Why Mordor?

  1. Mordor should be your first introduction to experience Oppikoppi the proper way. See it as your rite of passage.
  2. Majority rules! 98% of Koppi's festival-goers camp in Mordor, making it the heartbeat of the festival. Goosebumps while the music pumps, boet!
  3. On the off chance, you possibly get to see a kief band drive right past your makeshift weekend pozzie on a flatbed truck.
  4. The people of Mordor care. Just ask. Or don't. Go join a group of vagabonds' circle of trust and strike up a conversation. Or just cry on the closest, dusty shoulder.
  5. People of Mordor share. Run out of TP, toothpaste or tampons? Ask your friendly, neighbourly Prawn. Everyone is basically there under the same circumstances, just on different levels of inebriation, and they help out where they can.
  6. You get to witness extraordinary engineering prowess - that gazebo constructed from ice cream sticks, duct tape and prayers didn't make it halfway up that tree on its own.
  7. Make new tjommies. That stranger who stumbled across your tent and literally fell in mid-conversation? He's not an an irritating poephol. He's just a moerse lekker oke that you haven't met yet.
  8. You get to build a sociable camp fire, enjoy the outdoors and sleep under the stars with a group of friends, some old some new.
  9. After spending three days in Mordor, camping anywhere else in South Africa will be an absolute breeze, so you shut your mouth, Bear Grylls.
  10. You get to experience hiking and music at the same time, almost all the time.
  11.  Pretend to be a Boy scout or a Voortrekker if that didn't form part of your misspent youth. You get a sense of accomplishment once you've set up the most awesome camp site ever, accompanied by a catchy (or lame) name for your group. Dream up your own war cry, even if it starts with Oppiiiii!
  12. That afternoon nap you've been planning for three years? Have it on Saturday mid-afternoon at Mordor.
  13. You get to get dirty for three consecutive days if you so choose. No more asking your parents’ permission to have a ‘varkiedag’. You are a grown-up. Now go be 5 years old again. Nothing one of those green bricks of soap, an old towel and a hosepipe can't sort out back in your driveway on Monday.
  14. You get to dance like there's nobody watching and sing like there's nobody listening. We're kidding. You are surrounded by hundreds of people watching and listening. Do it anyway. Do it in groups. Release your inner-Prawn. Make some noise and throw some shapes, ek sê! Or sommer join the Northam se Uitgewasde Seunskoor vir Mans en Vrouens (NUSMV) – Don’t fret, Oppikoppi doesn’t give out wooden spoons. This is not Bos Idols.
  15. Mordor is probably the only place where you can take part in a naked mile run on a stretch of dirt road with a group of very enthusiastic supporters. Go racing and get them hearts pacing.
  16. For three days you get to have one of the coolest addresses in South Africa: "I live in the red tent next to the blue Chevy Spark. There's a penis drawn in the dust on the rear window. It is in Fokkolnonsens Draai. Come drink a beer. We've got ice too, bokkie"
  17. You get to run and possibly shower behind the water truck that navigates the Mordor roads to keep the dust in its place.
  18. That couch that just doesn't seem to sell on Gumtree for the past year? Take it with you to Mordor. The people from Oppikoppi keep an eye out for the coolest decorated couch. It might just land you the honour of checking out your favourite band, sitting on your couch with a friend or two. Right on stage!
  19. Ever heard of the Red Frogs? These kind-hearted souls are situated in Mordor and offer assistance to festival goers, be it a pancake to start the day, water to keep hydrated or medical and security assistance. In 2015 these saints treated medical cases, handed out 4000 bottles of water and served 6000 pancakes. Ain't that a sweet deal?
  20. Lekker tunes. Picture this scenario. You end up camping next to this hipster who built his own igloo from a thorn tree with plumbing flowing into a decommissioned aardvark nest. His car is pumping this awesome CD that you've never heard before. You like it. Music has turned you into new BFFs.
  21. Finally, once back home, you get a new appreciation for the simple things in life, like TV, a hot shower and proper sleep on the softest bed ever.This is the spirit of Mordor. Go find yourself by losing yourself.

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10 comments on “22 Reasons Why Camping In Mordor at Oppikoppi Rocks”

  1. These are exactly the reasons that I camp at Oppi. There is no feeling like waking up to the camp site next you , the people just as hungover from the night before as you are and you are brought together though the smell of bacon and the sound of beats. Life long friendships are made at Oppi , through camping. All groups of people experience the same beauty, trust in the same dust , and wake up together the next morning , ready to take the "unseen" by the horns. This is what connects us all. Even though we are all strangers , for a few days we create our own reality , where we all belong. This is where I belong. Thank you Oppi Koppi. Thank you for making me feel more a live than ever before , I love you

  2. Right In the feels. It's like going green home to a cesspool of dirt, beer and good music. I never want to leave.

  3. Oppi is the only place where you can bring out your inner creature and be praised for it. It is the most amazing atmosphere I have ever experienced and I know no matter what my fellow oppi pirates have my back. Oppi tickets would allow me to experience this awesomeness all again and just make my entire year!

  4. Oppi is truly a unique South African experience! the only way to find out what it's about is to go there and experience it yourself!

  5. I am so excited for Oppi this year, and this article has just made me even more excited! Oppi tickets would allow me make new memories with some of my closest friends and everyone else we meet on the weekend while at the greatest festival South Africa has to offer.
    Cool article... thanks!!

  6. I got to experience my first time at Oppi with the bewilder beast, and i loved every second of it. the vibe, the people, the food, the music everything was an experience i speak of till today. i would love to take my hubby to an Oppi fest and show him what its all about.

  7. I will join the coolest crew with a big fire with an aim to make new friends n make memories... Just to wrap it up I will sing shosholoza n our national anthem, in pretty sure my new friends will join in as we are all out there to have fun!

    Being real won't kill me but it will help me survive the cold Oppikoppi night! Awoooooooooooooooo

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