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2022 Travel Trends To Keep Your Eye On

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Wondering what 2022 travel trends are? The world is opening up again and many of us are getting out to travel to all those destinations we had to put off visiting during lockdown. Those in the travel and hospitality industry will be keeping a keen eye on emerging travel trends this year. Here are some of them.

Here are some 2022 travel trends to watch this year.

1. ''Workcations"

Post pandemic, there's now a never-before-seen amount of people who work remotely. While many of us have had to return to the office, a large portion of workers now enjoy a hybrid work setup where we spend some days in the office and some at home, while others work 100% from home. One of the biggest trends we will see this year is people heading to remote and/or scenic destinations for working holidays. More than ever, people ask for high-speed Wi-Fi and a secure internet connection at their chosen accommodation spot. With people able to work throughout their stay, holidays are longer and less restricted by annual leave.

2. People Are Travelling Local & Staying Longer

With people able to work throughout their stay, trips away are unrestricted by annual leave. Whereas before, people might take a weekend away in order to be back at work on a Monday, travelers now extend their trip away because they can easily work where they are. There is also some trepidation about travelling internationally and many countries still have restriction and/or requite vaccination certificates. For that reason, people are choosing to spend their money locally.

Makhanda National Arts Festival

3. Zen Trips

Covid-19 has increased people's awareness of their mental health and wellness, and this is reflected in where people choose to holiday. It's expected that there will be a shift away from crowded, touristy areas to mindful places that improve their mind, body and soul. Whether this is an active outdoor holiday with plenty of options to hike, run and explore nature or an art, yoga or zen retreat - people want holidays that will restore their mental and physical health.

4. Flexible Bookings

One thing we started getting used to in the pandemic is last minute changes to travel plans. Cancelled flights, accommodation bookings or province and country borders closing at a day's notice - it all impacted how we planned and travelled.

As Airbnb’s Global Head of Hosting Catherine Powell said in a travel trend interview: "The key trend has been flexibility: people can travel anytime and anywhere, they are no longer fixed by dates, or fixed by where they want to go.

“[The pandemic] has had a revolutionary impact on how people travel. People have more flexibility, they expect more flexibility and we’re seeing companies offer more flexibility,” she says.

5. The Return Of Business Travel

In a recent travel trend survey conducted by travel management company like FCM, 63% of respondents indicated that new and better things awaited business travel in the year to come. There has been a slow but sure increase in business travel as border reopen. While virtual conferences are now a firm part of a company's operations, real, face-to-face meetings have become a necessity. This comes as business leaders reconnect with their clients, rekindle their professional relationships and make new connections.


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