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Freshly Ground's Zolani Mahola Is Live Streaming Weekly

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Freshly Ground's Zolani Mahola brings the heat from her living room to yours with weekly live streaming sessions! Here she’ll spend 30 minutes singing and chatting. Sharing her thoughts about life, love, family, isolation, lockdown and Covid-19.

“There is a gift in every moment.  This is a time for calm and a time to go inward. For so many of us decisions have been taken out of our hands in this time.  Let’s find relief in letting go of control and look to the things we can have power over. Like looking after ourselves and those we love. Washing hands and holding space more quietly.  We are more than what we do.  Now is the chance to connect with who we are.  So sit quietly and listen to yourself. Draw, sing with the children. Do all the things you don’t have to do. Dream all the dreams waiting to come true.  In love and in light.”

#TheOneWhoSings  #TheGift #covid_19

https://youtu.be/jELcxdnETT0 - link to one of her most recent Insta gigs.

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