10 Wedding Songs That’ll Get Your Guests On The Dancefloor


A playlist of legendary wedding songs is a must if you want you guests to boogie down at your nuptials. We rounded up our favourites.

A killer playlist of legendary wedding songs are the cornerstone to a fun nuptial celebration. Most wedding guests will not readily admit that everything preceding the reception is usually a boring and unnecessary haze. Everyone is waiting for the party, if we’re being honest. A bigger win if there’s an open bar attached to it.

There’s nothing like the abandon with which most wedding guests attack the dance floor. It’s one of the last few places with zero pretense and just a celebration of love. Here are ten wedding songs we think will have your guests moving well into the night.

10. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

A call to action, really. A prompt for those too shy to ask the one they want to dance with them. Miss Houston has a solution, and it needs to be on your list of weddings songs.

9. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

Well known for their thrifting anthem Thrift Shop, this duo is also responsible for this hard hitting banger that will surely get everyone off their seats.

8. This is How We do It – Montell Jordan

When in doubt with your weddings songs, always whip out a 90s R&B or Hip-Hop song. Trust us on this one.

7. Vulindlela – Brenda Fassie

Now this is a controversial one. Fassie’s Weekend Special has been the premier wending boogie down song for ages. But we think this is actually more apt and a great contender. It’s literally about a woman bragging about her son getting married!

6.  Earth Wind and Fire – September

This song does what it needs to do, which is to leave you feeling high with possibilities like a warm spring day.

5. Suited – Shekinah

One of the sweetest and cutest songs to come out of Mzansi. A classic in the making. Lookout, Weekend Special.

4. Maroon Five – Moves like Jagger

This might be a well needed challenge for guests who want show of their moves and for everyone to find out if any of them can in fact move like Jagger.

3. Dua Lipa – Levitating

Whether you’re on Tik Tok or you jut exist in 2022, you’ve heard this song and it will have you running to the dance floor. Make it part of your list of wedding songs for maximum boogie.

2. Happy –Pharrell Williams

Show us a more feel good song than this one. We’ll wait. You can’t, can’t you? Anybody who doesn’t get up and dance no matter their feeling towards this ubiquitous tune might be, is someone you don’t need in your life.

1. Uptown funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Say what you will about the man, but Bruno Mars is a pop/dance king. This is one of those wedding songs that really encourage group effort and could see feuding family members setting their differences aside for a good old boogie.

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Written by Sthembile Gasa.

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